I recently moved to California with my husband. I didn’t know anybody and really just wanted a job so that I could have something to do. I couldn’t just sit around a house all day. I heard about the Xcelerator report builder from my cousin in New Jersey. He asked me a few questions about my home loan and then showed me an estimate on how much I could save in interest payments.

I was fascinated. Could this really work? It was worth a shot. So I bought the report from him for one month’s principal and interest payment amount, and used it on our new mortgage. As the next couple of month’s progressed, I saw how easy it was to implement and how efficiently it eliminated interest I was hooked.

A couple of months later, I told my neighbor about what I did for my mortgage. She wanted to know how it worked. I told her when you put your key in your car and it turns on, do you know how that works? We both laughed and my My neighbor said “no”. So I told her, that I don’t know how it works, but it definitely does. I told her how great it felt to see my balance go down and know that I was cumulatively going to end up paying way less interest for my loan.

I then offered to generate a report specific to her loan and personalize it for her. She agreed and paid me one month’s principal and interest for the report. So the first thing I did was sign up to be a member so I could generate the report for her that same day. She looked so excited when I handed her the report, and I was also excited when she handed me a check for $3,126. Which meant after the cost of my membership fee of $500, I had a profit of $2,626!

Couple of weeks later, I was walking my dog, Buster down the street, and I noticed brand new neighbor was moving in. As they were in their garage unpacking boxes, their little boston terrier came out to greet Buster . I waved to the man in the garage and said “hello and welcome to the neighborhood”. His name was John and I struck up a conversation about what brought he and his wife here. He had just got a new job in the area and was really excited to move into the neighborhood. He asked me what I do for a living and then I told him about my awesome discovery of Xcelerator – and how I am now helping other homeowners get the same results. His face lit up and wanted to learn more. We sat down the very next week – and I showed him my own report – and said I could generate a custom report too!

He said yes!

I love helping other homeowners – and I love the money I get doing it too. I do not have to fight traffic to get to work and the average mortgage is $3200 out here in California. I am on track to selling 6 reports this month, By the end of the year I will be doing 10 reports a month. Next month my husband and I are going to Hawaii for a week – using the money I earned!


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