1. Forget being a sales person – be a problem solver instead

Stop seeing potential clients as walking money and start seeing them as people you care about knowing solving their problems. If you are not genuine – people sense it and will distrust you and your motivations.

Do you remember Miracle on 34th street when Santa started telling parents where they could get the toy at another retail shop? And the parents were so grateful someone cared more about helping them solve their problem, than making money from them for profit sake – that they became truly loyal Macy’ customers. So, the next time someone mentions to you they have a problem that can be solved by one of your trusted people in your network, offer to make an introduction.

2. Make it Personal – most people make decisions about how that person makes them feel.

My Mother-In-Law has already decided who will sell the house when she dies – and all it really cost was a couple of pumpkins and small American Flags and a few little personal notes, that one woman realtor has been consistently dropping off at the house during Halloween and 4th of July for the last two years.

This doesn’t even have to involve spending any money. It also works if when you reach out to a potential client you have spoken to in the past, and the last time you spoke 2 months ago, they mentioned getting a new dachshund puppy they named Buster. I’ll bet they have some funny stories to share about Buster- if you ask. And it will show that you know them and what they care about.

3. Get clear about the value – or benefits you bring over your competition.

Most focus only price, programs and payments. But this is not enough to differentiate yourself.

· What are unique benefits a client will get by working with you?

· What would your current or past clients say about the value you bring to the table – that makes you stand out from the others?

· What unique products or services that you offer – that others don’t? (hint: Xcelerator falls in this category)

Now we know there are a lot of other ways you can differentiate yourself… but I am sure you agree with us that these are some goodies.


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