The reality is, there is no such thing (nor will there ever be) as perpetually healthy economy.
And it’s just a fact that all businesses have peaks and valleys in their sales cycles.

ONE: Make like squirrel- and plan for those bumpier times

You are probably aware from personal experience or shared knowledge from peers, you’re your slow times are in advance. This knowledge is power.

According to Brett Lechtenberg is an entrepreneur and business coach based in Sandy, Utah
“It’s all about smooth out the peaks and valleys of cash flow with proactive measures,”

He advises clients to establish a liquid emergency fund in busier times, such as a savings account, credit line, or even a CD with a strategically timed term.

Maximize your funds during your busy season, he suggests trying to pre-pay fixed expenses such as rent, taxes, and maintenance fees so you won’t have to pay them during the slow times. You can also try to negotiate with vendors for discounts or more favorable terms and use your extra time to assess your expenses to see where you can save. For example, determine which subscriptions or services are necessary, and which are optional.

TWO: Remind them of your value or surprise them with new value

Ever heard of this phrase? … “Out of site out of mind?”

In the previous email about standing out from the competition, one of the things we discussed was making it personal. We also spoke about the importance of being perceived as a problem solver.

When you make it personal and help people solve their problems, you create value and loyalty.

You are more likely to be remembered, if you have invested in potential past and current, clients in this way. And this investment is likely to pay off in return business or referrals – all year long and regardless of economic times. Take care of people and they will take care of you.

If you have satisfied your clients with all the right products and services, you offer already – then this is the time to ask them if they know of anyone who would also appreciate your services.

And this is a step a lot of people forget …
Thank your client for the referral – in a card or personal note

“The referral of your friends and family is the greatest compliment
you can give us. Thank you for your trust.”

Loyal Clients want to do more business with you – so why not offer them new products and services Have you shared with all your clients – any new relevant services or products?

What about potential clients you have in the pipeline? Could sharing with them this new product or service be the thing that finally converts them to your client?

And even if the new product or service may not be a good fit for that client, you can ask them if they know of anyone else who might be interested. Remember, you are a problem solver – whose job is always to be on the lookout for people you can help.


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